Defibrillator and first responders

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Update: Colin has let us know that an experienced villager has kingly offered their services as a first responder. This is great news. However, additional volunteers are still needed so please consider putting yourself forward if you’re able.

Update: Colin is now in the process of applying for a grant towards a defibrillator for the village. Unfortunately, there has been no response from anybody willing to attend any training. Please, if you could consider becoming a first responder, I’m sure your commitment would be appreciated by everyone in the village.

The Parish Council are actively looking to install a defibrillator in the village for use by first responders. Unfortunately, Whittington only has one first responder and they’re based up near the wood yards and only available at night. The PC is looking for volunteers from the village to attend some free training, so that there are  people in the local community who can make a significant difference in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The defibrillator (that would be fitted) is a computerised medical device that delivers an electrical current through the chest which aims to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm allowing it to pump again.  Rapid response using automated technology can significantly improve the quality of life of a survivor, as the longer the brain is starved of oxygen, the more damage that can occur.  An AED is a portable defibrillator especially designed for people with little or no medical background.  When applied to the victim, voice commands and screen messages will guide the user step-by-step through the process and its intelligent technology will only allow it to shock a ‘shockable’ heart rhythm.

If you would like more information, or are keen to become a first responder, please contact Colin Hall by email at



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