Whittington Farm Development

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Colin Hall, chair of the Parish Council, is asking for feedback from residents on the updated planning application for Whittington Farm. Please, could residents give feedback, either publicly via the post on the village blog, or privately to Colin via email: Sellethall@hotmail.com

We’ve just had a PC meeting where the developers interested in Edwards land were present. They have, as you may know, applied for outline planning permission with alterations to the original scheme, in particular to the play area ie. it’s been omitted but still want our support.

I have agreed to get soundings from residents within the next couple of days before committing PC in any way so do you mind putting something on your sites inviting comments in order that we can get an indication of what people feel on this.

Proposals are that the play area will be omitted, the scheme layout altered to accommodate garages for many units and the finish and design of the dwellings slightly modified. 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


For more details on the planning application, please see this post on the village blog – many thanks to John Keegan for collecting all this information.

Posted by Jim Williams on behalf of Colin Hall


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