New Bus Timetable

Update from the Lune Bus Action Group

Courtesy of a concerted effort between Lancashire County Council and Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire, a new bus service will commence on the 05 March 2018.
The result is a further seven buses per day, Mon to Friday and six on a Saturday, between Kirkby and Lancaster, all of these services passing through Whittington, Arkholme etc.

In the opposite direction, Lancaster to Kirkby, there will be six new buses per day, again all passing along the Arkholme, Whittington bank of the Lune.

This service will be the KLCH 582 and will connect (it is the same vehicle) with the existing KLCH 581 service connecting Skipton and Kirkby.

We believe that the ongoing success of this service will be passenger usage, and that will be enhanced by publicity, with timetables available in Kirkby and Lancaster Bus Station, as well as times posted on the Bus Stop signs in Kirkby.