Changes to recycling centres opening hours

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet has agreed proposals to help balance its budget by changing the opening times and days of recycling centres. 

All 15 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) will still be open at the busiest times including weekends and bank holidays, but six of the quieter sites will only open 5 days a week. 

The opening hours of all recycling centres will be changed to 9am – 5pm all year round. Currently they are open from 8am to 7pm in summer, and 8am to 5pm during the winter, however surveys show that visitor numbers are relatively low at either end of the day. 

The sites at Barnoldswick, Burscough, Carnforth, Clitheroe, Haslingden and Longridge will close two days during the week excluding Friday, as this is often the busiest weekday leading into the weekend. 

A report to the cabinet outlined the results of public consultation on the changes to opening hours. Responses were mixed, with support for, or indifference to, the changes being roughly equal to those that disagree with them. 

In a change to the original proposals Skelmersdale HWRC will remain open seven days a week. It had been proposed that the Skelmersdale site also open five days a week on the basis that there is another site in West Lancashire at Burscough, however it was accepted that the Skelmersdale site is significantly busier, receiving much more waste than other sites which were due to move to five day opening. 

Feedback received during the consultation also led to a new recommendation ensuring that all sites will open on Bank Holidays, even if a facility’s normal closure day is a Monday. 

The report to cabinet also addressed concerns that reducing availability of the recycling centres would lead to increased fly tipping. It states that most fly tipping is carried out by unscrupulous businesses which do not want to pay for their waste to be disposed of properly. There has been no evidence of fly tipping having increased when Lancashire recycling centres had been closed in the past as the majority of residents care for their local environment and would not risk criminal penalties for fly tipping. 

The changes are due to be implemented from 1 October 2019.

Posted by Jim Williams on behalf of Lancashire County Council (the poor grammar is theirs, not mine)

Have your say

Consultation on Household Waste Recycling Centres’ (HWRCs) opening days and times.

We want your views on our proposals to change the opening days and times of Lancashire’s HWRCs.

We want to keep HWRCs open when residents are most likely to use them. We have categorised all of the HWRCs based on how busy they are and/or how close they are to another centre. We are proposing new opening days and times based on this.

to complete an online questionnaire available from Monday 28 January.
If you would prefer a printed questionnaire then please ring 01254 220691.
Please return your comments to us by Monday 25 March.

Posted by Jim Williams on behalf o Lancashire County Council

Consultation on Children and Family Wellbeing Service

We are asking for views on our proposal to reduce the number of buildings where the Children and Family Wellbeing Service is based and work more flexibly in the community. As a valued stakeholder, I wanted to make you aware of this at the earliest opportunity.

We are committed to providing the best services we can to the people of Lancashire, particularly to the most vulnerable in our communities. However, the council’s financial position remains extremely challenging and we need to look at how we can do things differently whilst still providing support to those who need our help.

As you know, the service supports children, young people, parents and families and prioritises those most in need, particularly where we think that early help will make the biggest difference. We have looked at evidence of how the service makes a difference to people and how it can become more effective. To do this we will focus on providing support direct to people where possible and include the use of community settings where best. This will enable us to become more people focused rather than building based.

We are proposing to cease delivering the service from 19 buildings whilst retaining service delivery in 57 buildings. The other services delivered in these buildings will not be affected by our proposals.

We will also commission a 12-19 years youth offer through the voluntary, community and faith sector to support our delivery of services to young people across Lancashire.

We are launching the consultation at 11am today (Wednesday 6 June) and it will run until Friday 3 August. Visit or printed questionnaires will be available in the buildings where children and wellbeing services are delivered.

In addition, we will be holding a number of focus groups across the county for the people we support to share their views and will be run by an independent facilitator.

We will also be consulting staff, county councillors and other interested parties.

After considering feedback received during the consultation period, the council’s Cabinet is due to make a decision on a final set of proposals in October.

We welcome your views and feedback.

Posted by Jim Williams on behalf of Louise Taylor, Executive Director of Adult Services, Health and Wellbeing