Parish Council Vacancy

Update: Unfortunately, there have been no responses to the upcoming vacancy on the Parish Council. If anyone is interested in the position, please contact Colin at the email below.

Originally published 16th January: One of the Parish Council members is retiring in April and a vacancy will arise. If you would like more information, or are interested in the position, please contact Colin Hall at, or any other Councillor. 

Updated by Jim Williams on behalf of the Parish Council

Anyone for Yoga?

In the continuing battle with dog poo, John Keegan has reproduced a poster which the Parish Council are keen to put up around the village to encourage owners to take care of business. If you have any suggestions for where the signs can be displayed, please let us know.

Yoga for dog owners

On a more positive note; the bin at the end of the Long Walk seems to be successful.

Jim Williams on behalf of the Parish Council

New Bus Timetable

Update from the Lune Bus Action Group

Courtesy of a concerted effort between Lancashire County Council and Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire, a new bus service will commence on the 05 March 2018.
The result is a further seven buses per day, Mon to Friday and six on a Saturday, between Kirkby and Lancaster, all of these services passing through Whittington, Arkholme etc.

In the opposite direction, Lancaster to Kirkby, there will be six new buses per day, again all passing along the Arkholme, Whittington bank of the Lune.

This service will be the KLCH 582 and will connect (it is the same vehicle) with the existing KLCH 581 service connecting Skipton and Kirkby.

We believe that the ongoing success of this service will be passenger usage, and that will be enhanced by publicity, with timetables available in Kirkby and Lancaster Bus Station, as well as times posted on the Bus Stop signs in Kirkby.

On the buses

Following the excellent work of John Keegan and Duncan Foster, a new bus service has been announced for Whittington. Congratulations to John and Duncan, and many thanks for your campaign on behalf of the Village.

In addition the the detailed information on Johns blog, Chris Hall has also passed on the following link to a story on the The Bay website.

Defibrillator and first responders

Update: Colin has let us know that an experienced villager has kingly offered their services as a first responder. This is great news. However, additional volunteers are still needed so please consider putting yourself forward if you’re able.

Update: Colin is now in the process of applying for a grant towards a defibrillator for the village. Unfortunately, there has been no response from anybody willing to attend any training. Please, if you could consider becoming a first responder, I’m sure your commitment would be appreciated by everyone in the village.

The Parish Council are actively looking to install a defibrillator in the village for use by first responders. Unfortunately, Whittington only has one first responder and they’re based up near the wood yards and only available at night. The PC is looking for volunteers from the village to attend some free training, so that there are  people in the local community who can make a significant difference in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The defibrillator (that would be fitted) is a computerised medical device that delivers an electrical current through the chest which aims to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm allowing it to pump again.  Rapid response using automated technology can significantly improve the quality of life of a survivor, as the longer the brain is starved of oxygen, the more damage that can occur.  An AED is a portable defibrillator especially designed for people with little or no medical background.  When applied to the victim, voice commands and screen messages will guide the user step-by-step through the process and its intelligent technology will only allow it to shock a ‘shockable’ heart rhythm.

If you would like more information, or are keen to become a first responder, please contact Colin Hall by email at



A message from the churchwardens of Whittington Parish Church

Whittington is a small village with a large and active parish church.  The Parish Church has three Sunday services every month, and extra services throughout the year for Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and Easter.

The church is there for weddings and for christenings as well as funerals.  With multiple events every month, and links to other churches in the area, the Parish Church is one of the most active organisations in the village.

Whittington Parochial Church Council (‘the PCC’) is responsible for looking after the church. We have just completed a renewal of the heating system. Five new radiators – unobtrusive but powerful – add to the system that was already in place, and a new efficient gas boiler powers the whole system. The work has cost just over £20,000. It means that our church building – both beautiful and practical – can continue to serve the village as an active parish church for many years to come.

Whittington PCC has decided not to ask for contributions towards the new heating system. The parish is fortunate in inheriting a historic Building Fabric Fund which the PCC was able to use for this purpose. Unfortunately this fund is restricted and can be used only for costs associated with the fabric of the building. To meet day-to-day running costs, the PCC is wholly dependent on current contributions. What the church really needs to secure its future is not single donations for specific purposes but ongoing support month by month, so that the church can continue strong through this generation and into the next and the next.

Regular monthly giving from within the village provides more than half the Parish Church’s income – and the security needed to plan from year to year.  People give between £5 per month and over £100 per month – equivalent to between £60 per year and over £1,000 per year. Most opt for between £10 and £30 per month.

We are enormously grateful to all those who help maintain Whittington Parish Church as an active parish church at the heart of village life – whether by attending regularly, or by contributing financially, or by helping to clean and maintain the building and the churchyard.

The numbers
These are the main costs, and sources of income, for Whittington Parish Church.

Main costs Per year                         £ approx     

Insurance                                              £2,400

Heat and light                                     £1,400

Routine maintenance                    £1,700 (average over the last five years)

Church of England –                        £10,000
our contribution towards
the cost of the clergy
(training, housing,
stipends, pensions),
and the ongoing life of
the local, regional and
national Church of
England of which we
are a part

Everything else                               £500
Total                                                     £16,000

Income per year                            £ approx

Direct local giving by                  £6,100
banker’s order
Sunday service collection       £2,000
Gift Aid tax reclaimed from   £2,000
Weddings and funerals            £1,000 (average over last five years)
Miscellaneous                              £3,000
donations & fundraising

Total                                                   £14,100

Shortfall                                            £1,900
The collections in church at many of the largest events each year are donated
directly to other charities.  All the collections at our Christmas Services go to outside charities – look out for details of this year’s charities in December’s Wagtail magazine.

We do not receive any income from the government or the national church – all the above costs are met locally, and all the listed income is local income. The national church’s historic assets are substantial, but the income from them is now committed almost entirely to clergy pensions, with the small remainder being targeted at supporting the life of the church in areas of significant poverty.

Prayer of Saint Augustine
Almighty God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till
they find their rest in you. Pour your love into our hearts, and draw us to
yourself, and so bring us at last to that heavenly city where we shall see you
face to face.

Whittington parish church
Sunday Service
The 9.30am Sunday service sets you up for the week ahead, with hymns,
prayers and readings, and refreshments served afterwards at about 10.10am.
Open All Week
Church is open daily for your own prayers and times of silence.
We open up early, and lock up around dusk.
A Community Effort
You can take a turn in giving and arranging flowers, cutting the grass,
cleaning and polishing, or helping with occasional jobs on the building or
outside, whether or not you come to the Sunday service.
At the Heart of Village Life
The generosity of those who have given so much in the past means that there
is still a fully active Parish Church right here in the village. It is served by both
a vicar and a curate, and can call on the services of the bishop and the
diocese, fulfilling its role as part of the national church.
Secure for the future
Monthly giving from within the village provides almost half of the Parish
Church’s income – and the security needed to plan from year to year. People
give between £5 and over £100 per month, with most opting for between £10
and £30 per month.
It would make a huge difference
• if more people joined the scheme at any level, and
• if everyone in the scheme reviewed their level of giving.
Five pounds per week would be £21.65 per month.
We do not receive any income from the government or the national church.  All our costs – for our work and for our building – are met locally, and all our income is local income. To set up your regular donation, or to make a one-off donation, you can visit your bank branch, or use online, mobile or telephone banking, to set up a payment to the Whittington PCC account 01-04-81 83241760.

If you include your address as the reference, the treasurer will contact you
about Gift Aid, which increases the value of your donation by 25%.

Your contribution will help to ensure that the church remains active at the
heart of village life now and into the future.

Thankyou – the churchwardens
Barbara Atkinson 72816
Judith Greenwood 73055

Village Hall Draw winners

There were two draws this month in the monthly Village Hall Draw; the usual December one, and the extra one we do for Christmas.  Winners are:

December draw

£20    28    Eric Pelter

£10    185  Maureen Keegan

£5      26    Colin Tomlinson

Christmas Draw

£20    164    David McDonald

£10    69      Ann Lister

£5      86      Thomas Atkinson

Gerry and Vera Hogarth

John Keegan has forwarded a message from David Mantle who wanted to let people know that Gerry is in St. Wilfrids Hall Nursing Home in Halton and his wife Vera is a nursing home in Slyne (I’m assuming the Hillcroft Nursing Home). Gerry is described as very alert, with an active mind, but his legs and lungs are not quite what they were.

In addition, John has done an interesting piece about Gerry on his blog.